Tartaric acid is used as an acidifier, flavour enhancer, antioxidant, stabilizer and sequestering agent.

Food: Identified with the code E334, as an acidifier and taste enhancer in sweets, candies, jellies, jams, fruit nectars and ice creams. As emulsifier and anti-oxidant in the bakery industry.

Pharmaceutical: as an excipient for the preparation of foaming tablets, granulates and powders.

Fine Chemistryas a chiral agent in chemical reactions. In polishing and cleaning solutions for the electronic and galvan plastic’s industry, as dyeing and printing agent in the textile industry and as antioxidant for industrial’s fats.

Building industry: in the cement’s industry, and particularly, in plaster and gypsum, tartaric acid is used for its retardant action that facilitates the handling of these materials.