Tartaric Acid

ICV Natural Tartaric Acid   is produced in compliance
with the most restrictive international specifications:

  • USA pharmacopeia
  • EU Pharmacopeia
  • Japanese Pharmacopeia
  • Food chemical Codex.
  • Codex Oenologique International

In addition, the production is certified ISO 9001/Vision 2000, Kosher and is free of GM ingredients and of ingredients of animal origin, hence suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Is free from contamination with potentially allergenic substances like nuts, milk and derivates, gluten, soya, fish and its derivates.

Our quality standards continuously improve, at all stages of the production’s chain to satisfy customer requirements as efficiently as possible.  The entire productive cycle goes through a strict quality control programme, from testing and analysis of raw materials to checking of productive parameters and finished product according to the principles of HACCP.